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Yakima Co. Database last updated 1/6/10

Hello! This page will explain jurisdicions and what you'll hear when scanning the Yakima Valley. Below are the Main
Dispatch and Ops repeaters for Fire Departments and Police Departments County-wide. Upper and Lower Yakima 
County is split in the middle by Ahtanum Ridge. Everything south of the ridge is considered the Lower Valley and 
everything North of the ridge is considered the Upper Valley. 

Please see the Yakima County page in the database for a list of simplex tactical channels for all agencies. 

What you will hear when Scanning the Upper Yakima Valley:

154.190 - Old County Fire Main Dispatch. Yakima County has retained this frequency and uses it for 
the Fire Repeater on Clemans Mt. which is near the Nile-Cliffdell Fire Department. There is also a narrowband 
simulcast site on Mt. Clemans, but Nile-Cliffdell fire still uses the 154.190 repeater.

154.2575 - Yakima County Fire Main Dispatch - Upper Valley "County Main". This is the Receive frequency for
the Upper Valley Fire Dispatch Narrowband Simulcast Repeater System. 3 sites (Eagle Peak, Cowiche Mtn. and 
Mt. Clemans) make up the system. This is the dispatch channel for Cowiche, Tieton, Selah, Naches, East Valley, 
Gleed, Naches Heights, West Valley, Nile-Cliffdell and Training Center Fire Departments. This frequency 
does not dispatch the City of Yakima Fire. Station apparatus dispatched on this frequency as follows:

Yakima County Fire District #1 Highland Fire Department (combined Cowiche & Tieton Fire April '09 to make Highland Fire District)
Station 1 (Formerly Cowiche Station): Highland Engine 11, Highland Engine 12, Highland Tender 15, Highland Brush 16, Highland Rescue 19
Station 2 (Formerly Tieton Station): Highland Engine 21, Highland Brush 26, Highland Rescue 29

Yakima County Fire District #2 Selah Fire & Rescue Department
Station 1: Selah Engine 11, Selah Engine 12, Selah Tender 15, Selah Grass 16, Selah Rescue 17, Selah 19, 
Station 2: Selah Engine 21, Selah Rescue 27, Selah Tender 25
Station 4: Selah Engine 41, Selah Brush 46, Selah Rescue 47, Selah Tender 45
Station 6: Selah Engine 61, Selah Brush 66, Selah Brush 662, Selah Rescue 67

Yakima  County Fire District #3 Naches/White Pass
Station 13: Engine 13, Engine 213, Rescue/Brush 13, Rescue 213, Brush 213, Tender 13

Yakima County Fire District #4 East Valley Fire Department
Station 40: Engine 40, Brush 40, Air Support 40, Rescue 43, Engine 43
Station 41: Engine 41, Tender 41, Brush 41, Brush 241, Rescue 41
Station 42: Engine 42, Tender 42, Brush 42, Brush 242, Rescue 42
Station 43: Closed

Yakima County Fire District #6 Gleed Fire & Rescue Department
Station 1: Gleed Engine 11, Gleed Brush 16, Gleed Rescue 17, Gleed Tender 25
Station 2: Gleed Engine 21, Gleed Brush 26 

Yakima County Fire District #9 Naches Heights Fire Department
Station 1: Engine 9, Engine 1-9, Support 9, Tender 9, Rescue 9
(recently changed to City of Yakima apparatus numbering system, but still use the Upper Valley 
numbering system as well depending on whos talking on the radio.)

Yakima County Fire District #12 West Valley Fire-Rescue Department
Station 1: West Valley Engine 11, West Valley Brush 16, West Valley Rescue 17, West Valley Rehab 19, West Valley Air Support 191 
Station 2: West Valley Engine 21, West Valley Engine 22, West Valley Brush 26, West Valley Rescue 27 
Station 3: West Valley Engine 31, West Valley Tender 35, West Valley Brush/Rescue 36, West Valley Brush 361
Station 4: West Valley Engine 41, West Valley Tender 45, West Valley Brush 46, Rescue 47, West Valley ATV 1 & 2, West Valley Snow 1 and 2
Station 5: West Valley Engine 51, West Valley Brush 562, West Valley 59

Yakima County Fire District #14 Nile-Cliffdell Fire-Rescue Department
Station 10: Engine 10, Rescue 10, Tender 10
Station 11: Engine 11, Rescue 11, Brush 11 
Station 12: Engine 12, Tender 12

Training Center Fire Department located on the Army's Yakima Training Center
Station 29: Engine 29, Engine 2-29, Brush 29, Brush 2-29, Brush 3-29, Brush 4-29

Highland, Selah, Gleed and West Valley units follow the Upper Valley Apparatus Numbering 
System and are designated by their Apparatus Number. 
The first Number is the station they are from, the second number is what type of truck they are:
1's are 1st out Engines
2's are 2nd out Engines
5's are Tenders
6's are Brush Trucks
7's are Rescue Trucks
8's are Aerial Trucks 
9's are mixed some rehab, some rescue trucks. 
(West Valley 11 is the 1st out Engine of West Valley Station 1. Selah 45 is the Tender out of Selah Station 4 etc...)

Personell numbers are slightly different, as every department uses them differently. "Department Name" followed
by a "1" is always the Chief. (West Valley 1, Gleed 1 etc...) "Department Name" followed by a "2" is sometimes a 
Deputy Chief or Captain. 3's and 4's and on down the list are different for every department. 

West Valley Fire Department and Highland Fire Department will also use "West Valley/Highland 101, 102, 103 or 104" where 
"West Valley 101" is the Captain for Station 1, "Highland 201" is the captain for Station 2 and so on. 102, 103 and 
104, 202, 203 etc... are Lieutenants. There are a few departments that follow that and West Valley and Highland are 
good examples of that.

154.310 - City of Yakima Fire Main Dispatch. Dispatches for the City of Yakima Fire Department and Union Gap Fire Department only. 
Apparatus dispatched on this frequency as follows:

Station 90: Air Support 90, Rehab 90
Station 91: Engine 91, Rescue 91, Truck 91, Tiller 91, Batallion 91, Brush 91
Station 92: Engine 92, Brush 92 
Station 93: Engine 93, Engine 2-93, Truck 93
Station 94: Engine 94, ARFF 94, ARFF 2-94, ARFF 3-94, Engine 2-94
Station 95: Engine 95, Tech Rescue 95, Tech Rescue 5-95, HazMat 95, Engine 2-95, Rescue Boat 95

Union Gap Fire Department (Also protects Yakima County Fire District #11 Broadway)
Station 85: Engine 85, Engine 2-85, Brush 85, Tender 85
Station 86: Engine 86, Rescue 86, Rehab 86

154.430 - City of Yakima Fire Ops. "Ops" repeater used when apparatus are on scene at ususally a 
multi-company response situation. 

155.220 - AMR Ambulance Dispatch. (See Description for ALS ambulance below for jurisdiction) Also 
does a lot of transporting in the Lower Yakima Valley to those area hospitals.

155.400 - Advanced Life Systems Ambulance. There are no agencies in the Upper Yakima Valley that
transport to the Hospital except for ALS and AMR Ambulance. Every medical call in the Upper Valley will get a 
response from your Local Fire Department as well as an ALS or AMR ambulance (which ever is closest,
determined by AVL.) 

155.535 - Yakima County Sheriff's Office (YSO) "Eagle" Repeater. This repeater serves as the Main 
Dispatch Repeater for the Yakima County Sheriff's Deputies patrolling the Upper Yakima Valley. Sheriff's Deputies 
repond to calls everywhere in Yakima County except for inside the incorporated city limits of cities within the county, unless
they are assisting another agency or making a traffic stop.

20 units are Wapato Police units
30 is the Sheriff
31 is the Undersheriff
32-35 units are Administrative Chiefs
36-39 units are Lieutenants
40-49 units are Sergeants 
50-114 units are Deputies
180-218 units are Reserve Deputies 
DS units are Courthouse Security
S Units are Prisoner Transport Units
Victor are Volunteer Community Patrol Units 
600 units are Town of Tieton Police Officers
720 units are Moxee Police Officers (East Valley)
791-793 units are Yakima County Animal Control Officers 

156.015 - Yakima Police (YPD), Selah Police and Union Gap Police Dispatch 
Adam units are YPD Day Shift Units
Baker units are YPD Late Day shift units
Charlie units are YPD Swing Shift units 
David units are YPD Graveyard shift units
X-Ray units are YPD Reserve Officers
George units are YPD Gang Enforcement officers 
K-9 units are YPD Canine officers
Tom units are YPD Traffic Enforcement officers
Sam units are YPD Segeants
Lincoln units are YPD Lieutenants
Mary units are YPD Traffic Enforcement officers on motorcycles,
Ida units are YPD Investigators/Detectives
John units are YPD Jail officers
Victor units are YPD Administrative officers
AC units are City Animal Control Units (see note below)
SR units are School Resource officers
King units are Pro-active, sometimes plain clothes officers
MOPS 1 is the Yakima County Public Services Mobile Operations Command Vehicle
CSO 1 Union Gap Community Services Officer

There are 9 beats in the City (See YPD beat map above)
(Baker-5 is a YPD Late Day Shift unit assigned to beat 5. Adam-9 is a YPD Day Shift unit assigned to Beat 9 and so on.) 

500's are Selah Police units 
400's are Union Gap Police units

Thanks also to Doug Berndt's site for confirming that information 

156.210 - YPD, Selah Police and Union Gap Police Data (Warrant Checks etc...)

City of Yakima Animal Control - Yakima Animal Control Units AC 1, AC 2, and AC 3 use YPD Dispatch as well
as the 800mhz City Trunking system for communications.

What you will hear when Scanning the Lower Yakima Valley:

In the Lower Valley, each City has its own Police Department and most are dispatched over the Sheriff's
Office Lookout Repeater. The City of Sunnyside Police Department and Toppenish the only one I am aware of that
have their own dispatch centers.

155.0325 - Yakima County Fire Main Dispatch - Lower Valley. The entire Lower Yakima County 
is protected by Yakima County Fire District #5 from Ahtanum Ridge south to the county line. The district
has 16 stations and includes a Mechanics complex where additional reserve and special use apparatus is stored. It is the largest fire district in the state. District stations and apparatus are:

White Swan Station 1 -- 201 Engine, 601 Brush unit, 801 Offroad Tender, Rescue 1
Brownstown Station 2 -- 802 Offroad Tender
Harrah Station 3 -- 203 Engine, 603 Brush/Rescue, 803 Onroad Tender
Gamache Station 4 -- 204 Engine, 604 Brush/Rescue
Parker Station 5 -- 205 Engine, 605 Brush/Rescue
Wapato Station 6 -- 206 Engine, 606 Brush unit, 806 Offroad Tender, Rescue 6
Sawyer Station 7-- 207 Engine, 607 Brush/Rescue
Buena Station 8 -- 208 Engine, 608 Brush/Rescue
Toppenish Station 9 -- 209 Engine, 609 Brush Unit, 809 Offroad Tender, Rescue 9 (stationed at Toppenish City Station)
Zillah Station 10 -- 210 Engine, 610 Brush Unit, 810 Onroad Tender, Rescue 10
Granger Station 11 -- 211 Engine, Rescue 11. "(District apparatus featured with city apparatus)
Outlook Station 12 -- 212 Engine, 612 Brush/Rescue, 812 Offroad Tender
Sunnyside Station 13 -- 213 Engine, 613 Brush Unit, 813 Offroad Tender, Rescue 13
Grandview Station 14 -- 214 Engine, 614 Brush Unit, 814 Onroad Tender, Rescue 14
Mabton Station 15 -- 215 Engine, 615 Brush Unit, 815 Offroad Tender, Rescue 15 Satus Station 16 -- 216 Engine, 816 Offroad Tender, Rescue 16
Station 17 Maintenance Shop & Reserve Apparatus -- Transport 1, Transport 2, Transport 3, Dozer 1, Dozer 2, Track 1, 217 Reserve Engine,
218 Reserve Engine, 617 Reserve Brush Unit, 618 Reserve Brush Unit, Reserve Rescue 17,
518 Reserve Command Unit, 519 Reserve Command Unit, 520 Reserve Command Unit, Boat 1, Boat 2, Support 1, Support 2, Support 3, Polaris 6x6.

The first digit signifies what type of apparatus it is. 
2's are engines
8's are tenders 
6's are brush trucks 
Rescue rigs are just Rescue 1 or Rescue 6 
The last two is the station they are assigned to.  (213 would be an engine from Station #13, 206 would be an engine
from Station #6 & 607 would be a brush truck from Station #7) <br>. <pre>

Within District 5 are the City fire departments in the smaller Lower Valley Cities (Toppenish, Sunnyside etc...)
and they are also dispatched on this frequency. They are signified as "Wapato City" or "Toppenish City" etc. 
Within the cities, the Upper Valley Apparatus Numbering System applies except for Wapato and Mabton as they 
have their own numbering system. Lower Valley City Apparatus below:

Grandview -- Grandview Engine 11, Grandview Engine 12, Grandview Engine 13, Grandview Ladder 18.
Granger -- Granger Engine 11, Granger Tender 15 (Granger's Apparatus)
Mabton -- Mabton Engine 132
Sunnyside -- Sunnyside Engine 11, Sunnyside Engine 12, Sunnyside Engine 13, Sunnyside Ambulance 17, Sunnyside Ambulance 27,

Sunnyside Ambulance 37, Sunnyside Support 29

Toppenish -- Toppenish Engine 11, Toppenish Engine 12, Toppenish Engine 13, Toppenish Ladder 18
Wapato -- Wapato Engine 171, Wapato Engine 172
Zillah -- Zillah Engine 11, "Zillah Engine 12, Zillah Brush 16

AMR, The City of Sunnyside Fire Department and Yakama Nation in White Swan operate ambulance services that transport to the hospital.
Sunnyside ambulance is Dispatched on this frequency and is the only fire department in the county that operates a paramedic<br>
 ambulance program that transports to the hospital. White Swan Ambulance is dispatched on 154.085.

District 5 migrated from their 154.385 "KOK-411" repeater to their new Narrowband Simulcast system on October 28th 2009.
The new dispatch frequency is 155.0325 and they now say "Valley Fire" instead of "411" or "KOK-411."

155.880 - Yakima County Fire Ops Repeater - Lower Valley Similar to the City of Yakima, this repeater
alongside a few tac channels are used when units are on-scene from multiple stations or jurisdictions.

155.760 - Yakima County Sheriff's Office "Lookout" Repeater Like the Upper Valley, the Lower Valley has 
it's own Main Dispatch Frequency for the Sheriff's Office on the Lookout Point in the Lower Valley. Officer unit 
numbers in the Upper Valley apply in the Lower Valley as well.  

Some other things you'll come across when searching public safety frequencies for the Yakima Valley:

155.730 - Yakima County Sheriff's Office "Bethel" Repeater - This Repeater is located on the ridge above 
Rimrock Lake up Chinook Pass (HWY 410). It is used by the Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) deputies that patrol up there and work 
radar on the pass, mostly in the summer time. 

155.730 - Yakima County Sheriff's Office "Elephant" Repeater - This Repeater is located East, by 
South-East of Yakima on Elephant Mtn. and serves as a back-up repeater for the Lower Valley. 
Unfortunately, the RX PL tones and frequencies are the same for both Bethel and Elephant so you
wouldn't know which repeater the unit is on, unless they specify.
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