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Port of Seattle Trunked System
Owner Port of Seattle
System ID 4222
Connect Tone 90.00
System Type Motorola Type II
System Voice Analog
License WPTD846
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Used by various port-employed employees airport and seaport related operations in Seattle.

All sites use the same control channel; this is not a SmartZone system.


Simulcast Sites

Site: 001

SeaTac Airport

The former control tower.

Location: +47° 26' 28", -122° 17' 54"

Columbia Center

Columbia Center is the tallest building in the center.

Location: 937 feet up on top of 701 5th Ave, Seattle


Kent Fire Station 73

Location: Kent Fire Station 73: 26512 Military Road S, Kent

Fort Lawton

Location: 674 Washington Ave, Seattle

PD Unit Designators

David Downtown waterfront
George Garage (bikes)
Paul Patrol at Seatac: P-1 North, P-2 Central i.e. Seatac proper, P-3 South
Robert Bikes in the garages?
Tom Terminal (airport) foot patrol
William Waterfront (near Fisherman's Terminal)

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