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Pierce Co. sheriff east side patrol map

City of Edgewood patrol map

City of Lakewood patrol map

Pierce Co. sheriff peninsula patrol map

Pierce County map

Pierce County patrol district map

City of University Place patrol map

Pierce County sheriff PC10 Mountain patrol map

Pierce County sheriff PC12 Foothill patrol map

Thank you Jay for updating!!



Voters approved two new dispatch centers to consolidate most Pierce County PSAP's, web link http://www.southsound911.org/

Fife Police Department (Primary PSAP)


  • Fife Police Department
  • Milton Police Department
  • Eatonville Police Department
  • Buckley Police Department
  • Orting Police Department
  • Wilkeson Police Department
  • Buckley Fire Department
  • Greenwater Fire Department #26
  • Crystal Mountain Fire Department #25
  • Carbonado Fire Department
  • Normandy Park Police Department (King County)

SOUTH SOUND 911 (Primary PSAP)

Tacoma, WA

  • Pierce County Sheriff
  • Tacoma Police Department
  • Lakewood Police Department
  • University Place Police Department
  • Dupont Police Department
  • Roy Police Department
  • Ruston Police Department
  • Gig Harbor Police Department
  • Fircrest Police Department
  • Steilacoom Public Safety (Police)
  • Edgewood Police Department

SOUTH SOUND 911 (FireComm)(Secondary PSAP)

West Pierce Fire and Rescue Tacoma, WA

  • West Pierce Fire and Rescue #3
  • South Pierce Fire and Rescue #17
  • East Pierce Fire and Rescue #22
  • Dupont Fire Department
  • Eatonville Fire and EMS #15
  • Fircrest Fire Department
  • Gig Harbor Fire and Medic One #5
  • Riverside Fire and Rescue #14-MERGING WITH CENTRAL PIERCE FD
  • Brown's Point Fire Department #13
  • Key Peninsula Fire Department #16
  • Orting Valley Fire and Rescue #18
  • Graham Fire and Rescue #21
  • Ashford/Elbe Fire Department #23
  • Anderson Island Fire and Rescue #27
  • Ruston Fire Department
  • Steilacoom Department of Public Safety (Fire)
  • Town of Wilkeson (Fire Services provided by East Pierce FD)

Puyallup City Communications (Primary PSAP)

Puyallup, WA (Pierce College)

  • Puyallup Police Department
  • Sumner Police Department
  • Bonney Lake Police Department
  • Metro Animal Control (Puyallup, Sumner, Algona, Pacific)

Puyallup Tribal Nation Police Department

Tacoma, WA

  • Puyallup Tribal Nation Police

Tacoma Fire Communication Center (Secondary PSAP)


Tacoma, WA

  • Tacoma Fire Department
  • Central Pierce Fire and Rescue #6
  • Fife Fire Department (Tacoma FD)
  • Soon Riverside FD once Central Pierce takes over

JBLM Emergency Communications Center

JBLM, Washington

  • JBLM Military Police
  • JBLM Fire and Rescue
  • JBLM Security

WSP-Tacoma Office (Serves Thurston & Pierce Counties)

Tacoma, WA

  • WSP
  • State Agencies


City of Bonney Lake

Police Dispatched at Puyallup Comm Center on Tacoma/Puyallup Truck System

   45712 Bonney Lake PD Dispatch (Digital)

City of Buckley

   Police Dispatch 155.010 (103.5)(shared with Orting PD sometimes)
   Fire Dispatch 159.0900 (Buckley, Greenwater FD, Carbonado FD, Crystal Mountain FD)


   contracted from Buckley PD.

City of Dupont

Uses Tacoma/Puyallup trunked system

   Police Dispatch 1040(also dispatches Lakewood and Steilacoom)
   Unit numbers are "Dupont xx"

City of Eatonville

PD is Dispatch at Fife PD, FD is Dispatch at Firecom (West Pierce Fire & Rescue)

   158.8275 (DPL 243) Dispatch; input on 154.0325 (DPL 243)
   154.0850 City Channel (PD Car-to-Car; fire department use)
   153.8900 Firecom
   155.0550 Public Works

City of Edgewood

   contracted from PCSO (Sheriff East).

City of Fife

City of Fife has it own PD Dispatch Center (PSAP)(For now) but Fire is contracted with Tacoma Fire

    Dispatch 155.6775 (DPL 243); input on 153.9875 (DPL 243)
    Backup use 155.490 (167.9) 
    Fife and Milton are both dispatched by Fife; 155.6775 and Milton's freq of 159.1125 are simulcast

City of Fircrest

   Dispatched on Sheriff West - 155.640 (173.8)
   Unit numbers are "Fircrest xx"
   City Channel 158.865, or Sheriff admin/tac freqs.

City of Gig Harbor

   Dispatched on Sheriff West - 155.640 (173.8)
   Unit numbers are "Harbor xx"
   City Channel for car-to-car is on 156.015

City of Lakewood

Uses Tacoma/Puyallup trunked system

   Police Dispatch (also dispatches Dupont and Steilacoom) 1040
   Police Tac-1 (encrypted)- 45456
   Police Tac-2 (encrypted)- 45488
   Police Tac-3 (clear voice)- 1104
   Police TALKPD (car-to-car)(encrypted)- 45616
   Police CID-1 (encrypted)- 45648
   Police CID-2 (encrypted)- 45680
   Police Records- 1072

City of Milton

   Dispatch 159.1125 (DPL 243) 
   Dispatched by Fife; 159.1125 and Fife's freq of 155.6775 are simulcast

City of Orting

Police Dispatched at Fife 911, Fire by FireCom (West Pierce Fire & Rescue)

   Dispatch 156.2025
   Dispatch 153.965 (DPL 023); input on 151.130 (DPL 023)
   Can be patched/shared on Buckley PD 155.010 (103.5)

Pierce County Sheriff

   East Dispatch = 154.950 (173.8)  (input 159.030)
   East Admin/Tactical = 155.610 (173.8)  (input 158.910)
   West Dispatch = 155.640 (173.8)  (input 154.710)
   West Admin/Tactical = 155.310 (173.8)  (input 154.890)
   Countywide Information/data/records = 156.090 (173.8) - dispatch doesn't transmit PL

City of Puyallup

Uses Tacoma/Puyallup trunked system

   Police Dispatch- 336
   Police Tac 3- 368 (Explorers alot of the time)
   Police Tac 1- 45168 (encrypted)
   Police Talk-Around simplex- 866.575 (encrypted)
   Police/Fire Talk-Around simplex- 866.100 (encrypted)
   592 City Public Works
   624 City Public Works
   2096 Metro Animal Control (Algona, Bonney Lake, Edgewood, Milton, Pacific, Puyallup, Sumner)
   Puyallup Public Works Talk-Around simplex- 868.050 (156.7)
   Puyallup Citywide Talk-Around simplex- 867.125 (156.7)

City of Roy

   Dispatched on Sheriff East - 154.950 (173.8)
   Unit Numbers are "Roy xx"
   City channel on 155.790

Town of Ruston(See Tacoma)

    Dispatched by Tacoma PD
    Ruston tactical (encrypted)- 48144

Town of Steilacoom

   Dispatched on Sheriff West - 155.640 (173.8)
   Unit numbers are "Steilacoom xx"
   City Channel on 153.845 (also possibly shared with Dupont)

City of Sumner

Police Dispatched by Puyallup Comm Center/FD dispatched by FireCom (West Pierce Fire and Rescue) Uses Tacoma/Puyallup trunked system

   46096 Sumner PD Dispatch (Digital)
   46128 Sumner PD (TAC?)

City of Tacoma

Uses Tacoma/Puyallup trunked system

   North Dispatch- 52176
   North Tac- 52240
   South Dispatch- 52304
   South Tac- 52272
   Tac-1 (encrypted)- 45808
   Tac-2 (encrypted)- 45840
   Tac-3 (encrypted)- 47824
   Tac-4 (encrypted)- 45744
   Tac-5 53340
   Tac-6 (unk)
   Records (encrypted)- 45744
   Police/Fire Common- 54512
   Police/Fire Common-Secure (unk)
   RUCO- Commercial Vehicle Enforcement- 53552
   SWAT-1 (unk)
   SWAT-2 (encrypted)- 47984
   SWAT-3 (unk)
   CID/SIU (unk)
   SIU-1 (unk)
   SIU-2 (unk)
   SPECOP (unk)
   Unit Numbering: 
   Ruston 1-7 = Ruston PD
   Robert = Day shift 2-man car
   Frank = Day shift 1-man car
   Baker = Swing shift 2-man car
   Paul = Swing shift 1-man car
   Henry = Graveyard shift 2-man car
   Mary = Motorcycle unit
   Nora = Graveyard shift 1-man car 
   Union = Graveyard shift 1-man car
   William = School Security Units
   X-Ray = Pro-Act Units (Plainclothes/Plain cars)
   Lincoln = Lieutenants
   Sam = Sergeants
   David = Detectives
   Ident (or Ida) = Forensics/Crime Scene Units

City of University Place

   Dispatched on Sheriff West - 155.640 (173.8)
   Unit numbers are "UP xx"

Puyallup Nation Police

   Dispatch 166.6375 (127.3); input 168.350 (127.3)
   Talk around on 166.6375
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