Emission Designators

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11K2F3E 12.5 kHzAnalogVoice Frequency modulated (FM) 2.5 kHz deviation analog voice, "narrowband 12.5 kHz"
11K2F1E 12.5 kHzDigitalVoice Frequency modulated (FM) 2.5 kHz deviation analog data, "narrowband 12.5 kHz"
11K2F2D 12.5 kHzDigitalFrequency modulated (FM) 2.5 kHz deviation audio frequency shift keying within a 12.5 kHz channelspace (commonly used for 1.2 kbps packet, FFSK station alerting, and AFSK outdoor warning siren signaling)
8K10F1D P25 Phase IData C4FM
8K10F1E P25 Phase IVoice C4FM
8K30F1E 12.5 kHzNXDN or Wide-iDASVoice
8K30F1D 12.5 kHzNXDN or Wide-iDASData
8K30F1W 12.5 kHzNXDNVoice and data
8K70D1W 12.5 kHzX2-TDMA LSM P25 Linear Simulcast Modulation ASTRO (9.6 kbps in 12.5 kHz channelspace)
9K80D7W 12.5 kHzP25 Phase II P25 Phase II fixed-end 2-slot TDMA (Harmonized Differential Quadrature Phase Shift Keyed modulation – H-DQPSK), per Motorola literature
4K00F1E 6.25 kHzNXDNVoice
4K00F1D 6.25 kHzNXDNData
4K00F1W 6.25 kHzNXDNVoice and data
4K00F2D 6.25 kHzNXDNCWID
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