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In recent years the media has recently taken to fleet cars that do not have the station's livery or any sort of identification on the vehicle. This is a list of such vehicles.

OrganizationFleet #ColorYearMakeModelLicense PlateNotes
KING TV White2006Ford Explorer WA B11122XEvening Magazine wrap
8White2013Ford Explorer WA B18515X
KOMO TV White2013Ford Explorer WA B18519X
KIRO TV 35White2009Ford EconolineWA B19394N
KOMO TV 23White2008Ford Explorer WA B47832H
KIRO TV White2012Ford Escape WA B51898U
KIRO TV White2012Ford Escape WA B51901U
KIRO TV 33White2008Ford EconolineWA B60904G
KIRO TV White2005Toyota Sienna WA B64265U
KIRO TV 34White2008Ford EconolineWA B67634L
KIRO TV White1996Volvo FE WA B73353W
KIRO TV White2011Ford EconolineWA B80123T
KOMO TV 43White2013MercedesSprinter WA C01643D
Charcoal2016Ford Escape WA C03142F
KIRO TV 29White2006Toyota Sienna WA C03277A
KIRO TV White2001Ford EconolineWA C04120A
KOMO? White2017Subaru Forester WA C10988K
KIRO TV White2012Ford EconolineWA C15588G
KIRO TV 37White2013MercedesSprinter WA C15590G
KIRO TV 31White2014MercedesSprinter WA C15591G
KIRO TV 32White2014MercedesSprinter WA C15592G
51White2018Subaru Forester WA C15949P
KIRO TV White2017Ford Explorer WA C22852L
KOMO News Radio White2016Subaru Forester WA C21513FMarked
White2015Subaru Forester WA C23459D
KIRO TV 39White2016Nissan NV WA C36806J
KOMO News Radio White2015Subaru Forester WA C38818DMarked
KIRO TV White2008Toyota Sienna WA C43051B
White2014Nissan NV WA C47191C
KING TV? 12White2007Ford Explorer WA C52698K
KIRO TV White2017Ford Explorer WA C57164H
KIRO TV White2017Ford Explorer WA C57165H
White2007Toyota Sienna WA C60757A
KIRO TV 29White2007Toyota Sienna WA C60769A
20White2015Subaru Forester WA C74689F
KIRO TV White2017Ford Explorer WA C77420H
KIRO TV 34White2008Ford E350 WA C80963U
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