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Welcome to InterceptRadio.com !
We are the oldest and largest radio/scanning website on the internet.
Here is a brief history:
First there was "Scanner BBS" which was a telephone modem dial-up BBS ran
by Alan Muenzel N7GAD. After Scanner BBS went offline, and the internet was
taking shape, Marcus Anthony created Intercept Northwest.  In the spirit of
Scanner BBS, the mission of Intercept is to provide a place to discuss scanning,
commercial radio, amateur radio, broadcast radio/TV,  and list all those great
frequencies we need for our radios.
The Intercept web pages are designed for maximum browser compatibility and
page loading speed. This is why the use of graphics, sound, and other
bandwidth-consuming objects are kept to a bare minimum. Another reason for
this design is to enhance accessibility to Intercept from portable and
wireless internet access devices.
Intercept is a non-profit site dedicated to the radio hobby & profession.
Unlike other sites, we will not solicit donations, we will not charge money
for any of our content, we will not resell information contributed to the site,
we will not molest your computer screen with advertisements, and we will not
spam your mailbox.
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