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Bernalillo County Scanner Frequencies (NM)

Scanner frequencies for Bernalillo County NM

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Color Legend: Blue=Motorola, Green=LTR, Yellow=EDACS

Scroll down to see services other than Police/Fire/EMS

Area Frequencies
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
154.220       Fire Tac
T 06-022 E   BCSO North
T 06-023 E   BCSO North Tac
T 06-024 E   BCSO South
T 06-025 E   BCSO South Tac
T 06-026 E   BCSO East Dispatch
T 06-027 E   BCSO East Tac
T 06-030 E   BCSO West
T 06-031 E   BCSO West Tac
T 06-034 E   BCSO Air
T 06-141 E   BCSO Chilili Tac
T 06-142 E   BCFD Chilili Tac
T 06-143 E   BCSO Chilili Tac
T 08-037 E   BCFD Intercom
T 08-041 E   Bernalillo County Fire Dispatch
T 10-045 E   ABQ Sunport Termanal Maintenance
T 10-101 E   BCSO County Wide
T 12-016 E   BCFD Dispatch

FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
155.850       Police Disp.
465.5750      AFD Dispatch Simulcast frorm TRS
T 04-020 E   APD Fleet Call
T 04-022 E   APD Foot Hills Dispatch
T 04-023 E   APD Northeast Dispatch
T 04-024 E   APD Southeast Dispatch
T 04-025 E   APD Southwest Dispatch
T 04-026 E   APD Valley
T 04-027 E   APD Northwest
T 04-032 E   APD Tac
T 04-033 E   APD Mutual Aid
T 04-047 E   APD SWAT
T 04-076 E  2UNM PD Channel 2
T 08-005 E   AFD Intercom
T 08-006 E   AFD Intercom
T 08-007 E   AFD Intercom
T 08-010 E   AFD Intercom
T 08-011 E   AFD Intercom
T 08-012 E   AFD Intercom
T 08-013 E   AFD Intercom
T 08-014 E   AFD Intercom
T 08-021 E   Albuquerque FD Alarm
T 10-044 E   AFD ABQ Sunport?

Isleta Pueblo
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLChannel  Notes
158.760       Police Disp.

Local Government
FreqPL/MTyChannelCity  Notes
159.420     AlbuquerqueNM State Forestry
851.1125  E AlbuquerqueEDACS Standard Both ABQ and Bernalillo County
851.225   E AlbuquerqueEDACS Standard Both ABQ and Bernalillo County
851.2500  E AlbuquerqueEDACS Standard Both ABQ and Bernalillo County
851.4500  E AlbuquerqueEDACS Standard Both ABQ and Bernalillo County
851.47500 E AlbuquerqueEDACS Standard Both ABQ and Bernalillo County
851.5625  E AlbuquerqueEDACS Standard Both ABQ and Bernalillo County
851.7125  E AlbuquerqueEDACS Standard Both ABQ and Bernalillo County
851.7375  E AlbuquerqueEDACS Standard Both ABQ and Bernalillo County
851.7625  E AlbuquerqueEDACS Standard Both ABQ and Bernalillo County
851.9500  E AlbuquerqueEDACS Standard Both ABQ and Bernalillo County
851.9750  E AlbuquerqueEDACS Standard Both ABQ and Bernalillo County
852.0625  E AlbuquerqueEDACS Standard Both ABQ and Bernalillo County
852.2000  E AlbuquerqueEDACS Standard Both ABQ and Bernalillo County
852.2500  E AlbuquerqueEDACS Standard Both ABQ and Bernalillo County
852.4500  E AlbuquerqueEDACS Standard Both ABQ and Bernalillo County
852.4750  E AlbuquerqueEDACS Standard Both ABQ and Bernalillo County
852.6000  E AlbuquerqueEDACS Standard Both ABQ and Bernalillo County
852.7125  E AlbuquerqueEDACS Standard Both ABQ and Bernalillo County
852.9500  E AlbuquerqueEDACS Standard Both ABQ and Bernalillo County
852.9750  E AlbuquerqueEDACS Standard Both ABQ and Bernalillo County
853.2375  E AlbuquerqueEDACS Standard Both ABQ and Bernalillo County
853.2625  E AlbuquerqueEDACS Standard Both ABQ and Bernalillo County
853.5000  E AlbuquerqueEDACS Standard Both ABQ and Bernalillo County
853.7500  E AlbuquerqueEDACS Standard Both ABQ and Bernalillo County
T 06-101 E  Bernalillo County Detention Center Operations
T 06-103 E  BCDC Transport
T 06-104 E  BCDC Event 1
T 06-105 E  BCDC Event 2
T 06-106 E  BCDC Medical
T 06-107 E  BCDC Maintenance

Amateur Radio
FreqPL/MTyInputInpPLCityCall  Notes
145.210  162.2R  AlbuquerqueKB5GAS 
145.290  100.0R  AlbuquerqueNM5ML 
145.330  100.0R  AlbuquerqueW5CSY 
146.720  100.0R  AlbuquerqueK5CQH 
146.740  146.2R  AlbuquerqueN5CUL 
146.860   R  AlbuquerqueK6FIQ 
146.900  67.0R  AlbuquerqueK5FIQ 
147.150   R  AlbuquerqueWA5UKZ 
147.320  100.0R  AlbuquerqueK5LXP 
147.360  100.0R  AlbuquerqueKB5XE 
147.38    R  AlbuquerqueN5GU 
147.440  100.0R   NM5ML 
223.82    R  AlbuquerqueWA5VJY 
224.00    R  AlbuquerqueK5CQH 
224.58    R  AlbuquerqueKH6JTM 
224.94    R   W5AOX 
442.100  162.2R  AlbuquerqueKB6GAS 
442.200   R  AlbuquerqueK5RM 
442.300  107.2R  AlbuquerqueAD5MO 
442.475  100.0R  AlbuquerqueNM5ML 
442.600  100.0R  AlbuquerqueWA5YUE 
443.300  156.7R   K5RKE 
443.600   R  AlbuquerqueWA5OIP 
443.650  100.0R  AlbuquerqueK5LXP 
444.000  100.0R  AlbuquerqueW5CSY 
444.150  100.0R  AlbuquerqueW5AOX 
444.180  67.0R   W5SCA 
444.325  100.0R  AlbuquerqueNM5ML 
449.550  71.9R  AlbuquerqueK5FIQ 
449.800  67.0R  AlbuquerqueK5FIQ 
927.700  210.7R  AlbuquerqueWB5EZO 

FreqPL/MTyCityCall  Notes
118.000    Albuquerque Albuquerque Sunport ATIS
118.300    Albuquerque Albuquerque Sunport tower
119.200    Albuquerque Double Eagle Airport weather
119.200    Albuquerque Albuquerque Sunport clearance
120.1500   Albuqerque Double Eagle Tower
120.3000   Albuqerque Albuquerque Sunport Tower
120.6500   Albuquerque Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Weather
121.6250   Albuqerque Double Eagle Ground
121.9000   Albuqerque Albuquerque Sunport Ground
123.775    Albuqerque Albuquerque Sunport Tower
123.900    Albuquerque Albuquerque Sunport appr/dep
124.800    Albuquerque Double Eagle Airport clearance
127.400    Albuquerque Albuquerque Sunport appr/dep
127.400    Albuquerque Double Eagle Airport appr/dep
128.8750   Albuquerque Cutter Aviation
131.87500000.0SAlbuquerqueKVM4Southwest Airlines KABQ station
134.800    Albuquerque Albuquerque Sunport appr/dep
235.50000  Albuquerque Albuquerque Sunport /KAFB Approach
342.3000   KAFB PMSV
342.500      Kirtland AFB pilot to metro
348.6000   Albuquerque Albuquerque Sunport /KAFB Ground
349.4000   KAFB Command Post
349.5000   KAFB Range Control
351.9000   Albuquerque Albuquerque Sunport /KAFB Tower
354.1000   Albuquerque Albuquerque Sunport /KAFB Approach
372.200      Kirtland AFB pilot to dispatcher
372.2000   KAFB PTD

AM/FM/TV/Shortwave Broadcast
FreqPL/MTyCityCall  Notes
.1190 AM AlbuquerqueKXKSSports
.1350 AM AlbuquerqueKABQTalk
.1450 AM AlbuquerqueKRZYSpanish Sports
.1600 AM AlbuquerqueKIVATalk
.610  AM AlbuquerqueKNMLSports
.730  AM AlbuquerqueKDAZChristian Contemporary
.920  AM AlbuquerqueKSVA7th Day Adventist
88.3    FM AlbuquerqueKLYTChristian Contemporary
89.1    FM AlbuquerqueKANWPublic Radio
92.3    FM AlbuquerqueKRSTCountry
93.3    FM AlbuquerqueKKOBHot AC
94.1    FM AlbuquerqueKZRRMainstream Rock
96.3    FM AlbuquerqueKBZUCountry
98.1    FM Albuquerque Classic Country (Low Power can only hear in ABQ Metro Area) Also Iheart Station
99.5    FM AlbuquerqueKMGABest Mix
100.3    FM AlbuquerqueKPEK90s to Now
101.3    FM AlbuquerqueKJFAContemporary
103.3    FM AlbuquerqueKDRFMix
107.9    FM AlbuquerqueKBQICountry

FreqPL/MTyChannelCityCall  Notes
123.975     Albuquerque Fire Air Tanker Base
126.075     Albuquerque Tanker Base (updated)
148.125  146.2    CAP ch.1 Sandia Peak
148.150  146.2    CAP ch.2 Sandia Peak
166.3125 103.5R Albuqerque Albuqerque Zone
166.750   P   Petroglyph National Monument
168.525     Albuquerque BLM
169.1500      Air to Ground
169.6750      Air to Ground
170.525     Albuquerque Cibola NF Dispatch
172.225       Cibola NF - Magdelena RD (Fire Season)
172.350       Cibola NF - Fire Crews
172.675     Albuquerque BIA Southern Pueblo Forestry

FreqPL/MTyChannelCity  Notes
407.1875  P KAFB Sandia Lab 
407.3875  P KAFB Sandia Lab 
407.5875  P KAFB Sandia Lab 
407.7875  P KAFB Sandia Lab 
407.9625  P KAFB Sandia Lab 
408.0875  P KAFB Sandia Lab 
408.1750  P KAFB Sandia Lab 
408.3875  P KAFB Sandia Lab 
409.4250  P KAFB Sandia Lab 
409.7750  P KAFB Sandia Lab 
T 11 P KAFB Sandia LabSandia Labs Couriers
T 103 P KAFB Sandia LabSandia Labs Security
T 2007 P KAFB Sandia LabEncrypted
T 2027 P KAFB Sandia LabKAFB Aircraft Maintenance
T 2041 P KAFB Sandia LabKAFB Aircraft Maintenance
T 2073 P KAFB Sandia LabKAFB POL (Aircraft Refueling)

FreqPL/MTyChannelCityCall  Notes
151.310     Albuquerque State Department of Transportation
152.2700    Albuquerque Yellow Cab
152.3300    Albuquerque Albuquerque Cab
155.520     Albuquerque NM State Police Base
155.535     Albuquerque NM State Police Mobiles
160.410       Rail Runner operations
160.650       Rail Runner operations
161.085     Albuquerque BNSF Albuquerque Yard
161.160     Albuquerque Rail Runner Albuquerque Yard
162.4000    Albuquerque NOAA Weather Radio
451.5625    Albuquerque Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Command Post
451.8875  L   Isleta Casino and Resort
451.9000      Route 66 Casino Security
451.9375  L   Isleta Casino and Resort
452.2375  L   Isleta Casino and Resort
452.2500    Albuquerque Yellow Cab
452.5000      Route 66 Casino Security
452.5000      Sandia Resort and Casino Security
452.97500000.0R Albuquerque Swissport fueling KABQ - appears to be CSQ
453.4125    Albuquerque University Hospital Security
461.38750D156R AlbuquerqueWPBE748Southwest Airlines ground crews KABQ
461.400     Albuquerque Lifeguard
461.96250127.3R AlbuquerqueWQKP843Primeflight services KABQ
462.0250    Albuquerque Sandia Peak Tram
462.9500    Albuquerque Medical Transport Between Care Centers, Hospitals ETC
462.975     Albuquerque Albuquerque Ambulance
463.000     Albuquerque University Hospital
463.025     Albuquerque Med Control Channel
463.0500    Albuquerque VA Hospital
463.125     Albuquerque Loveless Downtown
463.150     Albuquerque Pres. Downtown
464.37500D423R AlbuquerqueWPBE748Southwest Airlines ground crews KABQ
464.6875    Albuquerque Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Director Mid Field
464.775     Albuqerque Phi Air
464.9750 141.3  Albuquerque Presbyterian Hospital Security
469.18750   Albuquerque Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Director South Field
469.9125    Albuquerque Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Director North Field
856.6625  L    
857.6625  L    
858.1875  L    
859.6625  L    
T 0-01-035 L   Equipment Rental
T 0-01-037 L   Albuqueruque Academy
T 0-01-050 L   Concrete
T 0-01-062 L   UNM Shuttle Buses
T 0-01-063 L   UNM Parking Enforcement
T 0-01-064 L   UNM Bus Maintenance
T 0-02-008 L   Concrete
T 0-02-013 L   Concrete
T 0-02-014 L14  Airport Shuttle CH 14
T 0-02-065 L   Trucking
T 0-03-004 L   Isleta Casino and Resort Casino Ops
T 0-06-003 L3  Airport Suttle
T 0-01-0015 L   Isleta Casino and Resort Security


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